3 Star Hotel in Switzerland

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Switzerland 3-star hotels offer superb hospitality in elegant décor. Superb staying facilities in elegant décor complimented with all modern amenities unmatched superb guest services make your stay a pleasurable experiences . The extremely courteous staff has a friendly approach.

3 Star Hotels Switzerland

3 Star Hotels in Zurich 3 Star Hotels in Geneva

Hotel Altstadt Zurich
Hotel Basilea Zurich
Hotel Comfort Inn Royal Zurich
Hotel Europe Zurich
Hotel Franziskaner Zurich
Hotel Leoneck Zurich
Minotel Atlantis Guesthouse Zurich
Hotel Minotel Coronado Zurich
Hotel Roessli Zurich
Sorell Hotel Rütli Zurich
Sorell Hotel Seidenhof Zurich
Ladys First Design Hotel Zurich

Sorell Hotel Seefeld Zurich
Walhalla Hotel Zurich
X-TRA the Hotel Zurich
Hotel Adler Zurich
Hotel Alexander Zurich
Hotel Astor Zurich
Hotel Bristol Zurich
Hotel California Zurich
Hotel City Zurich
Hotel Goldenes Schwert Zurich
Hotel Kronenhof Zurich
Hotel Scheuble Zurich

Hotel Calvy
Hotel Admiral
Hotel Capitole
Drake-Longchamp Swiss Q Hotel
Hotel Eden
Express by Holiday Inn Geneva
Minotel International & Terminus
Hotel Moderne
Mon-Repos Swiss Q Hotel
Hotel Ramada Encore Genève
bw Hotel Strasbourg & Univers
Sagitta Swiss Q Hotel
Hotel Trente-Trois

3 Star Hotels in Bern 3 Star Hotels in Interlaken 3 Star Hotels in Lucerne

City am Bahnhof Hotel Berne
Kreuz Swiss Q Hotel
La Pergola Swiss Q Hotel
Metropole Swiss Q Hotel Bern
Sorell Hotel Ador Bern
Sorell Hotel Arabelle Bern

Hotel Artos Interlaken
Bellevue Hotel Interlaken
Bernerhof Hotel Interlaken
Chalet Oberland Hotel Interlaken
City Swiss Q Hotel Interlaken
Crystal Hotel Interlaken
Goldey Swiss Quality Hotel Interlaken
Merkur Hotel Interlaken
Minotel Beau-Site Interlaken
Minotel Carlton Interlaken
Minotel Jungfraublick & Beauregard
Minotel Toscana Interlaken
Neuhaus Golf and Strand Hotel
Sonne Hotel Interlaken
Villa Europe Interlaken

Hotel des Balances Lucerne
Hotel Balm Meggen Lucerne
Hotel Best Western Hotel Krone
Bw Art Deco Hotel Montana
Hotel Drei Koenige Lucerne
Minotel Felmis Lucerne / Horw
Hotel Minotel Baslertor Lucerne
Hotel NH Lucerne
Rothaus Hotel Lucerne
Hotel Spatz Lucerne
Waldstotterhof Swiss Q Hotel Luzern

3 Star Hotels in Davos 3 Star Hotels in Montreux 3 Star Hotels in Zermatt 3 Star Hotels in Lugano

Cresta Sun Hotel
Sunstar -Hotel 

Hotel Helvetie

Butterfly Hotel
Couronne Hotel
Perren Hotel
Primavera Hotel

Continental Park Hotel
International Au Lac Hotel

3 Star Hotels in Lausanne 3 Star Hotels in Basel 3 Star Hotels in St. Moritz  

Hotel Crystal
Au Lac Hotel
Jan Hotel
Bellerive Hotel

Alexander Hotel
Krafft Am Rhein Hotel

Sporthotel Samedan
Hotel Minotel Palue - Pontresina
Hotel Stille St. Moritz
Hotel Soldanella
Hotel Minotel Salastrains
Loeffler Hotel St. Moritz


3 Star Hotels Switzerland :  Hotel Altstadt Zurich  l  Hotel Basilea Zurich  l  Hotel Comfort Inn Royal Zurich  l  Hotel Europe Zurich  l Hotel Franziskaner  Zurich l Hotel Leoneck Zurich  Minotel Atlantis Guesthouse Zurich  l  Hotel Minotel Coronado Zurich  l  Hotel Roessli Zurich  l  Sorell Hotel Rütli Zurich  l  Sorell Hotel Seidenhof Zurich  l  Ladys First Design Hotel Zurich  l  Sorell Hotel Seefeld Zurich  l  Walhalla Hotel Zurich  l   X-TRA the Hotel Zurich  l  Hotel Adler  Zurich  l  Hotel Alexander Zurich  l  Hotel Astor Zurich  l  Hotel Bristol Zurich  l  Hotel California Zurich  l  Hotel City Zurich  l  Hotel Goldenes Schwert   Zurich  l  Hotel Kronenhof ZurichHotel Scheuble Zurich  l  City am Bahnhof Hotel Berne  l  Kreuz Swiss Q Hotel  l  La Pergola Swiss Q Hotel  l  Metropole Swiss Q Hotel Bern  l  Sorell Hotel Ador Bern  l  Sorell Hotel Arabelle Bern  l  Hotel Artos Interlaken  l  Bellevue Hotel Interlaken  l  Bernerhof Hotel Interlaken  l  Chalet Oberland Hotel Interlaken  l  City Swiss Q Hotel Interlaken  l  Crystal Hotel Interlaken  l  Goldey Swiss Quality Hotel Interlaken  l  Merkur Hotel  l  Interlaken  l  Minotel Beau-Site Interlaken  l  Minotel Carlton Interlaken  l  Minotel Jungfraublick & Beauregard   l  Minotel Toscana Interlaken  l  Neuhaus Golf and Strand Hotel   l  Sonne Hotel Interlaken  l  Villa Europe Interlaken  l  Hotel des Balances Lucerne  l  Hotel Balm Meggen Lucerne  l  Hotel Best Western  l  Hotel Krone   l  Bw Art Deco Hotel Montana  l  Hotel Drei Koenige Lucerne  l  Minotel Felmis Lucerne / Horw  l  Hotel Minotel Baslertor Lucerne  l  Hotel NH  l  Lucerne  l  Rothaus Hotel Lucerne  l  Hotel Spatz Lucerne  l  Waldstotterhof Swiss Q Hotel Luzern  l  Cresta Sun Hotel l Sunstar -Hotel  l  Hotel Helvetie  l  Butterfly Hotel  l  Couronne Hotel  l  Perren Hotel  l  Primavera Hotel  l  Continental Park Hotel  l  International Au Lac Hotel  l   Hotel Crystal l  Au Lac Hotel  l  Jan Hotel  l   Bellerive Hotel l   Alexander Hotel   l   Krafft Am Rhein Hotel  l   Sporthotel Samedan  l  Hotel Minotel Palue - Pontresina  l  Hotel Stille St. Moritz  l  Hotel Soldanella  l  Hotel Minotel Salastrains  l  Loeffler Hotel St. Moritz

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