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Switzerland is the most beautiful place on earth. It is the place of lakes, mountains and glaciers. Switzerland is also known as “ Confoederatio Helvetica”. Switzerland is also the place of many headquarters of may international organizations. A wide range of star hotels are awaiting you to shower the highly personalized hospitality in a lavish décor. Capital is the Bern city.



Switzerland’s national flag with white cross representing the cross Jesus was put on and the red background represents his blood. Each arm of the cross has same size and 1/6 longer than wide. Switzerland has an area of 41285 km². Switzerland is divided in three major geographical areas: Alps ("Alpen"): 60%, Middle land ("Mittelland"): 30% Jura: 10% . Swiss mountains are famous for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking and other recreational activities. Some of the largest lakes in the Switzerland is Lake Geneva, Bodensee, Neuenburgersee, Lago Maggiore, Vierwaldstätter See, Zürichsee Bielersee, Thunersee, Murtensee, Zugersee, Brienzersee, Walensee, Luganersee. Main rivers of Switzerland are Rhein, Aare, Rhone, Inn, Thur. There are more than 3000 km² of glaciers.




Switzerland is covered with forests, lakes and mountains. Since Switzerland has no mineral resources, it must import, process and resell them as products. "Services" are the most important part of the economy. This includes banking, assurances and tourism. The Swiss currency is called "Schweizerfranken" ("Swiss Francs") or short "Franken". One hundred "Rappen" make up one Swiss Franc. CHF is the ISO representation for Swiss francs.

Switzerland is famous for watches, chocolate and the Swiss Army Knife. It is a beautiful, but expensive country. Switzerland is also home to the huge Nestlé food company.

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